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"The following podcast contains adult themes, sexual content, and strong language. Basically, all the good stuff."

The Belinda Blinked series describes the sexual escapades - sexcapades if you will - of Belinda Blumenthal and her co-workers at Steeles' Pots and Pans. Penned by well-acclaimed author Rocky Flintstone, these amazing and life-changing books have been turned into a podcast that's a real treat for the ears. The book is read by Jamie Morton (son of the author, but we try to forget that), and features James Cooper and Radio 1's Alice Levine.

This wiki goes into detail surrounding the world of Belinda Blinked, so that next time there's a lockdown quiz you'll get more answers right than wrong.

WARNING: This wiki contains spoilers for the Belinda Blinked stories (unsurprisingly). Continue at your own risk ❤

Book Summaries[]

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Main Link: Belinda Blinked 4

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Main Link: Belinda Blinked 6

Standalone Short stories[]

The following are stories that are non-canon, and not part of the established book timeline. However, some of them reference events mentioned in the books.



Celebrity fans[]

The podcast adaptation of the Belinda Blinked novellas is lucky enough to have hosted many celebrity fans over the years. Some big names include Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Groban, and Dame Emma Thompson.

Rocky's Writing Style[]

An in depth list of some of the cornerstones of Rocky's inimitable writing style.

Lockdown Trivia Night[]

Article: Lockdown Quiz

On May 4th 2020, the porno team hosted a trivia night over Facebook Live. It lasted for about two hours and had 5 categories: Names, Numbers, Nookie, Rocky, and Whattie.

Latest activity[]

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