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Bill is the HR Director of Steele's Pots and Pans who, along with Managing Director Tony Sylvester, employed Belinda Blumenthal at the start of the series as the company's International Sales Director. Bill is one of the few colleagues of Belinda's that she has not had sex with because, as Tony put it, it's "not his department". He goes on to become a member of the Confidential Order of Cookware Knights and plays the bottom part of the pantomime horse in Christmas Porno 6.


  • Bill is the 4-times-in-a-row, end-of-year Rummikub champion of the Medway town
  • Bill is one of the few recurring characters in the series to have never had sex, watched sex, or even removed clothing.
  • Jamie, James and Alice have remarked several times that they wonder what Bill's up to, as despite appearing in the very first episode he has only made one additional appearance since then while his colleagues at Steele's appear much more frequently in the books.
  • In the Calling Belinkers 2 Footnotes episode, an asexual Belinker suggests that Bill is also asexual as he has never had sex throughout the series.


  • Season 1 episode 1
  • Season 4 episode 13
  • Season 5 episode 13
  • Season 6 episode 5
  • Christmas Porno 6